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19. Sea cruise (Portsmouth-Caen)

Rather than choosing, like everyone else, the Dover-Calais ferry, whose crossing takes 1h30, we opted for that of the Brittany ferries company, which notably offers Portsmouth-Caen. The journey is longer, almost 7 hours, but the price is lower, the cruise (because really, it is one) is very nice and in the end, we saved several hours of driving, fatigue and fuel .

Route : 100 km for an hour and fifteen minutes drive to reach Portsmouth from Stonehenge. Plan to arrive 45 minutes before boarding time for the ferry. 7 hours of cruise then to reach Caen from Portsmouth.


This English port city is known for its military naval base. When we were there, there were several at the dock, undergoing overhaul or waiting.

The town is also known for its flagship, HMS Victory (1758), the oldest warship still afloat, visible in its harbor (and from the ferry). Portsmouth is also known for its Spinnaker Tower (2005), 170 meters high and symbol of the city.

Arriving at the ferry is very easy, the GPS guides you almost to the boat. This one is truly imposing, much more so than the Dover-Calais one. It has several floors and plenty to pass the time during the 7-hour crossing: shops, restaurant, self-service, cinema, bar and even a cinema.

The interior is shiny, like a casino. You can spend your stay on board on a reclining seat or in a berth. Several spaces and lounges allow you to work and a wifi connection (20 minutes free or 15 pounds for the journey) is available.


On arrival, exiting the ferry and customs formalities go quickly. Outside, just drive 2 minutes with the bus to reach the Caen motorhome area, just exit on the right. Several places were available, despite the late hour. The location is fully equipped with all amenities and very quiet, except when the first ferry leaves in the morning. The price is 13.50 euros for 24 hours.

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