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1. Switzerland - England (2 days)

This is probably the least sexy part of the road trip, the one where you have to swallow the kilometers in order to get to the heart of the trip as quickly as possible. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't have fun and treat yourself to a few surprises along the way...

Route : 800km for 8 hours of driving, mainly on the highway.


Leaving around 4 a.m. from Switzerland, we stopped at Fort-Mahon, in France, for the night. It is a charming, lively little seaside town with good seafood restaurants and a beautiful beach. The motorhome area is quiet, easily accessible, with only water service for amenities. The rate is 1.50 euros per hour or 10 euros for 24 hours.

Route : 87 km and 1 hour drive to reach Calais.


Arriving on time for the Eurotunnel in Calais/F (i.e. 1h30 early), we were able to take the train earlier. The directions are clear and simple and the journey takes around thirty minutes. We lost an hour on arrival in England, which is appreciable. The disembarkation takes place at Folkestone.


We had planned to go up from the east and come down from the west, with a stop in Orkney, in order to more or less tour the peninsula and enjoy the different viewpoints along the sea. is more or less what we did, except for the end of the trip on England, where we took the ferry at Portsmouth (for Caen) instead of Dover (for Calais). Both are possible, but this option provides less stress and miles of driving. In total, we will have covered more than 5,000 kilometers in three and a half weeks.


It is a Mercedes Sprinter 319 CDI 4x4 van, converted into a camper van by Rogus, a specialist in converting yachts in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz. Raised, with all-wheel drive, it is an easy-to-drive utility vehicle, which parks like a car (practical for visiting a city) and which goes everywhere.

It is equipped for 2 people, with high-end furnishings:

  • easy to maintain boat floor

  • 200X170 cm bed and lounge area

  • bathroom with shower and toilet

  • LED lighting

  • numerous storage cabinets

  • 80L fridge

  • sink with cover

  • gas stove (3 places)

  • 12V/220V + USB charging sockets

  • Webasto heating (hot water/air)

  • solar panels

  • lithium batteries

  • anti-mosquito curtain on openings

It is the bus that accompanies the huskies to competitions, which travel in trailer. For the trip, we equipped it with a 3-seater bike rack, to carry our electric mountain bikes.

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