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16. Scottish curiosities (Kilmartin - Inverarnan, Central Highlands)

Today's theme is a ghost hunt in a haunted inn and a visit to a church with an architectural style like no other, a sort of cartography of Scottish particularities, where even rabbits are represented. You follow ?

Route : 89km for 1h30 to go from Kilmartin to Inverarnan, on a smooth and lightly traveled road. We are outside the usual tourist circuits.


Built in 1818 by Walter Douglas-Campbell, this building is unique in its kind and worth the detour for its extraordinary architecture. Although built with local stone, you will find all styles there: a Norman door, Gothic flying buttresses, a Celtic cross or even a stone circle. As for the view of the loch from the gardens, it is incredible. Look for the bunny-shaped eaves or the Celtic cross in honor of his wife.

Info : on-site parking is very small. There is no entry fee, everyone gives what they want. There is a tea room, with WC, nearby.


The castle, in ruins since 1770 following lightning, dates from the 15th century and was built by the Cambell clan. It is accessible on foot from the A85 or by boat. It is open to the public only in summer. The ruins offer a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape and a herd of Highland cows graze quietly nearby.

Info : you will find ample parking on site, but no amenities.


For the night we stopped at the Drovers Inn, supposedly the most haunted inn in Scotland. The building, which dates back almost 300 years, is nice and very rustic. The interior is in its original state, barely renovated and filled with stuffed animals, including a two-headed lamb. The bartenders are in traditional kilts for service, which is nice; on the other hand they are abrupt and without much interest or cordiality for customers. Very good choice of English pop music from morning to evening.

The atmosphere is indeed quite special, but don't be fooled! Even between seasons, the place is crowded and you won't eat there without a reservation. As for the rooms, most are across the street and look more like a spooky motel than a haunted inn. The main room of the bar is nice, friendly and with a beautiful fireplace, but the chances of getting a table there are slim... In short, it's a bit of a tourist trap to avoid!

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